Keeping your Website Current to Keep your Leads Coming

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Don’t Fall Behind to Stay Ahead

Having a website, as you know, is the first step in a successful business. Buying a website, the design service, setting up wordpress and working on SEO goals cannot end when the design work is complete. In fact, keeping your website current is as important as building it to begin with. Your brand may change, your outlook may change, and certainly your product offering may change.

Most importantly, sometimes in website design, everything changes. We recommend you consider how and when you will update your WordPress, how often will you purge old content, and how often will you create brand new website copy. When you can see that your business changes quickly, you will feel eager to keeping your website current. Knowing which plugins to use, how to word your sales copy so people buy your product and keeping a current email marketing funnel active all require maintenance.

When you have a high-quality website on WordPress, hosted with a reputible hosting service, you have lots of options for keeping current. The plugins need to be updated so they continue to work with the current version of your WordPress install. itself needs to be updated periodically, and a quality check on the succeess of your optimization platform needs to be conducted to ensure your website is doing what it needs to do. Your ultimate goal is for the website to sell products on its own, right?


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