Staying Healthy as a Business Owner

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Who’s On Your Weight Loss Team?


They say it takes a village to raise a child.  It will take a supportive team to help us reach our weight loss goals.  When we share with others we want to lose weight, some whom we tell are very supportive.  They encourage us to keep doing a great job and not to give up.  Some on our team may work out with us and make sure we are eating healthy meals. Some may invite us over to their home and cook dishes just for us to eat.  Now that is a supportive team player.


As we begin to lose weight, some on our team may begin to not be as supportive as when we first started.  We begin to hear comments such as, “You are losing too much weight.” “You are losing your butt.” “You should treat yourself.”  “You can eat that.” My all-time favorite, said by my HUSBAND; “You’re going to look like a bobble head.”  We should never let ANYONE’S negative words take us off our journey.  We keep moving on until we reach our goal.


What has happened to our support team?  When we begin to lose weight, people are used to us look the way we are.  We have goals to reach, so we hit the ground running. We are eating healthier, feeling great, our confidence level has increased and we walk with newfound energy.   Sometimes those on our team become jealous, think we are judging them, we are now boring or they just don’t understand our journey.  Our team members are also used to us looking the way we do.  When they think we look or small to THEM, they want to voice their opinion; often in a negative way.


Negative words from those on our team can stop us from continuing our journey. There are a couple of things we can do if someone on our team becomes negative.

  • Explain to the person your goal
  • You may need to completely cut off the relationship
  • Telling someone, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
  • Replace your team member with a new supportive team member

If we don’t have a support team or need to build a new team, we can find new supportive team members on social media.  We can join fitness, weight loss, healthy eating, vegan or any group that deals with health, wellness and fitness to find supportive team members.

How can these groups be our support system?  When we post on social media in groups based on health, wellness and fitness, we get “Great job.”  “Keep up the great work.” “You’re doing great.” “You look good.” “Your meals look great.”  We also are able to ask questions for free.  Individuals are posting their meals (providing ideas on what we can eat), workout routines, fitness challenges, water challenges and much, much more. There is a wealth of great information in health, wellness and fitness groups on social media.  We should take advantage of the information in the group.  If we ever find ourselves in a group that is negative, we should leave the group and find one that will benefit us.

In the book, “Who Needs A Gym? Using Social Media For Weight Loss”, I have written a chapter on the benefits of finding a great support system and how you can use social media for weight loss.  This includes using YouTube to find great workouts to do at home or on the go.  To purchase “Who Needs A Gym? Using Social Media For Weight Loss”, visit Amazon (e-book available), Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million online.  For an autographed copy, visit


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