WordPress.com vs WordPress on a Host

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What is the different in WordPress.com and a Hosted WordPress Blog

WordPress is a blog based platform that has evolved over the years. The ability to add quality content in many formats is one of the high points of having WordPress but many people get confused about what the difference is between WordPress.com and a blog hosted on a third party server. We will look at the difference so you have a good understanding of which one to choose for your business.

First of all WordPress.com starts out free, and limited in the ability to customize the base template or “Theme”. The theme forms the shell or skin of your website. This limitation may bother you as an entrepeneur because of its limited ability to alter the elements. Contrary to the limitations of a Wordrpess.com site, when you buy hosting and a domain name, then install the WordPress software you have plenty of creative options with your blog. Using WordPress on a server requires you to buy hosting and a domain name, whereas a WordPress.com website can use a sub-domain or an extension of a domain name like “mybiz.wordpress.com”.

Some of the similarities in the two are (a) The ability to create and write blogs (b) The ability to add plugins (although the WordPress.com is limited) and (c) The ability to assign tags and categories to your blog posts. These similarities seem close to each other from the outset but there are more differences than similaries.

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” was mentioned in an earlier blog. WordPress.org – is the serving station for a hosted website and provides the following: (a) The ability to add customized or corporate branded speciality themes, (b) connects with your domain name effortlessly and (c) allows you to create a robust website that does not resemble a blog. Your website looks just like a professional website, that also is a blog.

WordPress is the way to go no matter which version you choose. It is easy for the end user with little or no experience in website design, and no or little knowledge of how to create a website. WordPress websites enjoy natural and organic results on search engines such as Google because they have a very robust set of tagging and category options. Keep up with your writing and article creation using your blog, and you are well on your way to having loads of value content for your prospects.

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