Keeping your Website Current to Keep your Leads Coming

Don’t Fall Behind to Stay Ahead

Having a website, as you know, is the first step in a successful business. Buying a website, the design service, setting up wordpress and working on SEO goals cannot end when the design work is complete. In fact, keeping your website current is as important as building it to begin with. Your brand may change, your outlook may change, and certainly your product offering may change.

Most importantly, sometimes in website design, everything changes. We recommend you consider how and when you will update your WordPress, how often will you purge old content, and how often will you create brand new website copy. When you can see that your business changes quickly, you will feel eager to keeping your website current. Knowing which plugins to use, how to word your sales copy so people buy your product and keeping a current email marketing funnel active all require maintenance.

When you have a high-quality website on WordPress, hosted with a reputible hosting service, you have lots of options for keeping current. The plugins need to be updated so they continue to work with the current version of your WordPress install. itself needs to be updated periodically, and a quality check on the succeess of your optimization platform needs to be conducted to ensure your website is doing what it needs to do. Your ultimate goal is for the website to sell products on its own, right?


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What in the World is Branding?

Creating a Personality Brand and a Corporate Brand

It’s like lions and tigers and bears oh my.

Branding is a term you surely hear when starting a business. Different coaching and consulting agencies tell you to establish your brand, but what does it truly mean? Branding is the process of creating a set of “normals” for your business model or idea. Some items that you commonly think of when the word branding is mentioned are logos, letter head, a website, colors and taglines. These are parts in the branding puzzle. You recognize big brands such as Facebook, Microsoft and Apple. Getting your brand built won’t start at their level, but will start at your level. Your website should contain all of the parts of your branding experience.

Understanding business means having a good clear vision of your personality and corporate brand together as one flowing brand. You, afterall, are your own brand and thus you need to be happy with the unity of your personality and corporate brand. Let’s explore some of the options for branding and how they affect the success of your business now and in the future.

Personality Branding is that flow associated with who you are. For example, if you are what is called a “woo woo” you may prefer the pinks and purples in your personality brand. If you are strick, straight-lined, left-brained, you may want to keep your colors neutral or with a hint of business such as blue-gold, red-gold. Either way, you must have a brand that is cohesive with your likes and the goals of your business.

Getting comfortable with a “Personality Brand” means figuring out who you are and what makes you smile. You can consider things like what type of clothes do you like to wear, what type of speaking personality to you possess and what type of things can you talk about to your prospects which will connect you to them at a deep level. Once you have established your personality brand, then you can branch outward into a corporate brand. Your corporate brand will have a unique life of its own but will tie back into your personality brand.

In deciding your corporate or business brand, consider the method you will connect your two brands. Let’s say you are a jeans and teeshirt kind of lady, or man, your corporate brand could very well be blue and easy flowing, with handwritten type fonts. If your style is business suit then you can go with straight fonts and simply colors for your logos, graphics and other elements of your business marketing strategy.

Remember you want a brand to be sticky. So, rather than jumping out in the marketplace with a brand you can’t keep up with, or sacrificing your personality needs in order to build a brand “they” tell you to build, start from the beginning by knowing you will be happier if you can blend your brands. A good tip is to search Google for brands that speak to you. You can also be alert to brands that you don’t like at all. Your website, business cards, logos, and asset needs should all match.

The Importance of Selling Online

You must sell online to survive in business.

We cannot stress enough the importance – online selling – is to the success of your business. Almost every industry has been affected by the onslaught of online sales. From books to automobiles, if there is something that can be sold, it can be purchased online. The ease of setting up an online storefront may not be noticeable at first but with the proper guidance, you can have your own storefront up and running in no time. Click Here to see our program for creating an online store.

Whether you are selling products or services, you must know how to be a salesman, or saleswoman in order for your business to stay afloat. If you are selling services, for example, you surely need to have your website and marketing system in place. When you have a well-oiled machine to send your prospects through, selling becomes easier. Here are three important ways to sell your services easier.

#1 Having a great social media outreach across all social media networks. When your message is clear, quiet often a service is sold before a phone consultation ever takes place. Of course you want your WordPress website to integrate with your social media profile.

#2 Website Copy (or the text on your website) is also a great way to mitigate objections, create a situation of easy selling and convince your website visitors to ACT! Meaning, you want them to click a link and follow through.

#3 Visualize closing the sale, well before you have sold it to a person. Visualization is one of the most important techniques in selling. The more confident you are in closing a deal, the more yeses you will get and the better you will feel.

Online selling is not hard. You must develop the backbone for it, get out there and put your greatness to the world, and believe that your product, service or promotion is valuable to your prospects. There are millions of men and women who shop online every day. You should have your products out there for them to see.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Past, Present and Future Trends for gaining momentum, lead attraction and visibility on search engines.

If you are in business or are considering going into business locally with a store or virtually with an online business, you will be confronted with the term SEO! I have seen people who use these 3 letters as a noun, verb and adjective. The truth is that SEO is defined as Search Engine Optimization. As you may suspect, it means to increase your visibility in searches on search engines such as Google, Bing and even Facebook. To maximize your time, it’s important that you are aware of where this term originated, the method by which current searches are indexed and trends coming in the future.

We will start with Google, the world’s largest search engine. Google is a highly intuitive indexing software that feeds results to the user based on the data typed into the search box. Google started out with just a few websites in a program that indexed those websites and fed them as a result for the searcher. In the past, keywords that were specific to the search results were the main source of information needed for the software to generated the best possible link for the “words” entered.

In the past, web developers would make their copy heavy with keywords, which became obviously overwhelming to the searcher because you would ultimately come across a page with 100’s of repeated words. This was not functional for many reasons, the first being the discomfort of reading such single word heavy pages.

Fast forward to present. Google has improved its intuitive algorithm to include sentences, authentic and organic content, searching or “mining” a plethora of databases of website, blogs, social media posts and press exposure to feed to the searcher ALL of the results that fit the search terms entered. While Google is certainly not the only search engine, it is the basis by which all others work so we will continue with Google SEO. Google expanded its indexing and results driven method, to move away from a number system such 1. The best result 2. A variety of the best result, etc. to facility a more natural results generation. This change also started to usher in voice commanded search results.

Another current method that Google has built on in recent years is voice activated mobile searches. By speaking into your phone and saying “Ok Google” you can ask very specific questions and expect very specific results. For example: “Ok Google. (bleep) How do I get back home?”. Enter – responsive technology based on where you are at the current time, what you have indicated as being home, and how long it will take you to arrive at your destination called home.

With this voice string, Google pulls up a map, starts the navigator and tells you were to turn next. It is really amazing what Google does every day. So, where is all of this going in the future?

You can expect Search Engigne Optimization to improve based on the needs of people doing the searching. Google as expanded into the home with its revolutionary “Google Home” where you can ask it things from across the room, instruct it to turn lights on and off and get the current weather without the need for a computer or phone.

To ensure you are fully optimizing your Search Engine Optimization, keep a blended content base across a wide-spectrum of databases. Keep a blog going with lots of unique posts to get visitors to your website. Keep your social media posts in line with your blog and post your blogs all across your social media. Be guests on talk shows and podcasts to get results related to published media.




There are just too many small business owners who have said the same thing “I offer a quality service/product but they want it for free or a very low price…”. If you are a compassionate business owner with some humanity, you may have been guilty of giving your products or services for a very low price or free. This is a definite way to get burned out. I want to challenge each entrepreneur and/or small business owner to be a BIG business owner in thinking. Expand your thoughts to attract quality customers. Those who know your worth will appreciate it and pay for your knowledge, expertise and time. Know your worth. You may have done years of research to study your craft, years of education which requires late night/morning studies, and so forth. Take all of that into consideration and brand/market yourself/company to attract higher buyers. In fact, think corporation and internationally. The average small business owner gets burned out with servicing consumers. Think of ways on how you can service corporations and international firms that need you.

I have included some steps to consider as a small business owner:
1. Know what’s a good fit for your business
2. Understand what business relationship works for your company. Every person needing your service may not be a good business relationship for you. Learn their work ethic and values and do a comparison.
3. Say no. If you have to lower your price to get a client with no return, say no. Remember, you have financial goals and don’t forget the lights have to stay on.
4. THINK BIG. Most importantly, think BIG. Expand your team and think international! The world is waiting for YOU!

Bernice Loman, MBA
Loman Creative Services


Staying Healthy as a Business Owner

Who’s On Your Weight Loss Team?


They say it takes a village to raise a child.  It will take a supportive team to help us reach our weight loss goals.  When we share with others we want to lose weight, some whom we tell are very supportive.  They encourage us to keep doing a great job and not to give up.  Some on our team may work out with us and make sure we are eating healthy meals. Some may invite us over to their home and cook dishes just for us to eat.  Now that is a supportive team player.


As we begin to lose weight, some on our team may begin to not be as supportive as when we first started.  We begin to hear comments such as, “You are losing too much weight.” “You are losing your butt.” “You should treat yourself.”  “You can eat that.” My all-time favorite, said by my HUSBAND; “You’re going to look like a bobble head.”  We should never let ANYONE’S negative words take us off our journey.  We keep moving on until we reach our goal.


What has happened to our support team?  When we begin to lose weight, people are used to us look the way we are.  We have goals to reach, so we hit the ground running. We are eating healthier, feeling great, our confidence level has increased and we walk with newfound energy.   Sometimes those on our team become jealous, think we are judging them, we are now boring or they just don’t understand our journey.  Our team members are also used to us looking the way we do.  When they think we look or small to THEM, they want to voice their opinion; often in a negative way.


Negative words from those on our team can stop us from continuing our journey. There are a couple of things we can do if someone on our team becomes negative.

  • Explain to the person your goal
  • You may need to completely cut off the relationship
  • Telling someone, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
  • Replace your team member with a new supportive team member

If we don’t have a support team or need to build a new team, we can find new supportive team members on social media.  We can join fitness, weight loss, healthy eating, vegan or any group that deals with health, wellness and fitness to find supportive team members.

How can these groups be our support system?  When we post on social media in groups based on health, wellness and fitness, we get “Great job.”  “Keep up the great work.” “You’re doing great.” “You look good.” “Your meals look great.”  We also are able to ask questions for free.  Individuals are posting their meals (providing ideas on what we can eat), workout routines, fitness challenges, water challenges and much, much more. There is a wealth of great information in health, wellness and fitness groups on social media.  We should take advantage of the information in the group.  If we ever find ourselves in a group that is negative, we should leave the group and find one that will benefit us.

In the book, “Who Needs A Gym? Using Social Media For Weight Loss”, I have written a chapter on the benefits of finding a great support system and how you can use social media for weight loss.  This includes using YouTube to find great workouts to do at home or on the go.  To purchase “Who Needs A Gym? Using Social Media For Weight Loss”, visit Amazon (e-book available), Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million online.  For an autographed copy, visit


Zhivi Williams

Health, Wellness and Fitness Accountability Coach

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