Videography is Powerful

Many of you (including myself) have been encouraged by Bishop Jakes, Pastor Joel Osteen, Joyce Myers, John Maxwell, Dr. Winston (just to name a few) videos! Although we aren’t physically there with them, their videos have impacted us. Imagine the many lives you can empower with a video? Videography is powerful! I highly recommend it for your small business, ministry and especially a larger corporation. There are many ways to use videos, just to name a few:

  • DVDS
  • Digital Download
  • Youtube Channel
  • Livestream
  • Website Tutorials or Introductions
  • Online Classes
  • Webinars

Again, just to name a few. There are other creative ways to use videos and to increase income for you and your team. Let me share with you that, the attention span is 8 seconds according to The New York Times. Why not capture attention with an eye-catchy and professional video.

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~Bernice Loman

Business Expansion for Entrepreneurs and Small Business

It’s time to Expand. Now what?

When we ask you what your plans are for business expansion, what answers come to mind? In today’s busy economy, small or micro businesses often find the need to expand, happen rather quickly in the business cycle. Expanding can mean many things from moving out of the dining room office, into an actual office space. Or, it can mean adding a satellite office to your already successful business.

Expanding your business is something that should be in your current business model, even if the exact plan of expansion is not yet known. The point is that if you have a business, you want it to grow. Isn’t this right?

There are a few things you must ask yourself when thinking about expanding your business.

  • What are the financial costs associated with expansion? When you decide what, the financial costs are, you will have a better footing in deciding what type of expansion is needed. However, if the financial situation is grim, then you may want to reconsider the expansion. All expansion has an equal cost associated with it. A clear review of where your business is and where it wants to go, will assist you with this question.
  • What are the immediate benefits of expansion, vs. the potential cost or loss associated with not expanding? You may see immediate benefits such as a better location generating more walk-in clients, or having peace of mind when a virtual assistant is handling many tasks for you through outsourcing. In attempting to convince yourself
    “not” to expand you will want to explore the potential costs of not expanding. Get clear on your whys.
  • What personal changes will I need to make if the expansion progresses? While this may sound like a bizarre question, it is very relevant. If you are accustomed to staying home with your baby all day, for example, expanding and going to an office every day may be harder than it seems. If you expand out and hire help, you will be stretched in ensuring they get the best training. Asking yourself what personal challenges will arrive is just smart care.

Most young businesses start out in their living room or garage. Just look at Apple and Microsoft. Both companies started in a garage. Expansion had to occur. Expansion happened and it happened quickly. In this changing market, the needs of your target market are also changing. Be there for the expansion when the time arise.

Here are 5 ideas for expanding your online only business. These 5 tips will assist you in deciding on or waiting on expansion.

  1. Go to Our Online Store and see that you can build an online store for as low as $25/month.
  2. Create a new website and buy a new domain for the purpose of testing the market for your expansion.
  3. Hit “Shark Tank” and apply to be on the show. You never know when your idea is the best one ever.
  4. Consider using Email Marketing to grow clientele and keep your customers inform of sales
  5. Finally create an idea map of programs, products or services you can develop up, or change so they can create cash flow for your business.

Deciding to expand is a natural and perfectly accepted need among business owners. You must expand to continue to grow, just choose carefully, when this expansion will occur.




Sales is a Neccessity not a Fringe Benefit

Sales are the Life Blood of your Business

When you are starting a business or are building an already established business, sales are simply a neccessity and not a fringe benefit. In this post we are going to talk about some tools that can help you track your sales quickly and monitor them easily. With every business aspect there are good and bad situations. For example, while you want to keep up with the sales you make by selling products, programs or services, you also want to mitigate chargebacks and refunds, and analyze setbacks and business killers.

We offer to you here, 3 simple strategies for maximizing the process of sales in your company, small or large. Follow these instructions for understanding business, and you will reap instant rewards.

#1 What products, services, programs or benefits do you provide in exchange for money? To sell a product you must have one to sell. Developing your product line up will require some work on your part but it will be worth it in the end. Create a very basic MS Excel spreadsheet with your product names, product id., sales price, discounts (if any) and life-cycle. The clearer you can be on what products you sell, how much they will cost the consumer and your profit on sale, the easier you will make it from January to December with a positive outlook.

#2 What payment processor will you use to collect money? Paypal is the obvious choice for many entrepreneurs who collect money online, but Paypal has a processing fee. Try it out and see if Paypal provides everything your business needs. Square is another company that processes online payments, and offers hardware (a swiper) for you to collect credit and debit card payments at local events. There is one major downfal with square in that you cannot create payment or donation buttons as you can with Paypal.

#3 Maximize your Facebook so you an close sells right from your Facebook page. Many of Facebook’s new offerings are still in beta testing but for the most part, provide a method of selling right from a Facebook page. Using this method gives your business layers of options for sales. Sales are the “Life Blood” of your business so enlist and delegate if it is feasible and within your budget.

Tony Robbins, motivational speaker, says that a good sales representative will have compassion, a pleasant personality and the ability to use ego-level energy to get the yeses in the face of the nos.

Also, having an online store to increase sales is vital. Make sure you make money while you sleep and service your clients at anytime and place. Learn More Here