Videography is Powerful

Many of you (including myself) have been encouraged by Bishop Jakes, Pastor Joel Osteen, Joyce Myers, John Maxwell, Dr. Winston (just to name a few) videos! Although we aren’t physically there with them, their videos have impacted us. Imagine the many lives you can empower with a video? Videography is powerful! I highly recommend it for your small business, ministry and especially a larger corporation. There are many ways to use videos, just to name a few:

  • DVDS
  • Digital Download
  • Youtube Channel
  • Livestream
  • Website Tutorials or Introductions
  • Online Classes
  • Webinars

Again, just to name a few. There are other creative ways to use videos and to increase income for you and your team. Let me share with you that, the attention span is 8 seconds according to The New York Times. Why not capture attention with an eye-catchy and professional video.

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~Bernice Loman

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Past, Present and Future Trends for gaining momentum, lead attraction and visibility on search engines.

If you are in business or are considering going into business locally with a store or virtually with an online business, you will be confronted with the term SEO! I have seen people who use these 3 letters as a noun, verb and adjective. The truth is that SEO is defined as Search Engine Optimization. As you may suspect, it means to increase your visibility in searches on search engines such as Google, Bing and even Facebook. To maximize your time, it’s important that you are aware of where this term originated, the method by which current searches are indexed and trends coming in the future.

We will start with Google, the world’s largest search engine. Google is a highly intuitive indexing software that feeds results to the user based on the data typed into the search box. Google started out with just a few websites in a program that indexed those websites and fed them as a result for the searcher. In the past, keywords that were specific to the search results were the main source of information needed for the software to generated the best possible link for the “words” entered.

In the past, web developers would make their copy heavy with keywords, which became obviously overwhelming to the searcher because you would ultimately come across a page with 100’s of repeated words. This was not functional for many reasons, the first being the discomfort of reading such single word heavy pages.

Fast forward to present. Google has improved its intuitive algorithm to include sentences, authentic and organic content, searching or “mining” a plethora of databases of website, blogs, social media posts and press exposure to feed to the searcher ALL of the results that fit the search terms entered. While Google is certainly not the only search engine, it is the basis by which all others work so we will continue with Google SEO. Google expanded its indexing and results driven method, to move away from a number system such 1. The best result 2. A variety of the best result, etc. to facility a more natural results generation. This change also started to usher in voice commanded search results.

Another current method that Google has built on in recent years is voice activated mobile searches. By speaking into your phone and saying “Ok Google” you can ask very specific questions and expect very specific results. For example: “Ok Google. (bleep) How do I get back home?”. Enter – responsive technology based on where you are at the current time, what you have indicated as being home, and how long it will take you to arrive at your destination called home.

With this voice string, Google pulls up a map, starts the navigator and tells you were to turn next. It is really amazing what Google does every day. So, where is all of this going in the future?

You can expect Search Engigne Optimization to improve based on the needs of people doing the searching. Google as expanded into the home with its revolutionary “Google Home” where you can ask it things from across the room, instruct it to turn lights on and off and get the current weather without the need for a computer or phone.

To ensure you are fully optimizing your Search Engine Optimization, keep a blended content base across a wide-spectrum of databases. Keep a blog going with lots of unique posts to get visitors to your website. Keep your social media posts in line with your blog and post your blogs all across your social media. Be guests on talk shows and podcasts to get results related to published media.